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Where to Ride

Railbike Where to Ride

Carson City, Nevada


Pedal your way through history aboard a Freedom Railbike along the historic Virginia & Truckee train route. Your journey takes you into beautiful Carson River Canyon along an exciting, curved, and gradual 2% grade track system to the historic Eureka Mill rest area. Our motor-assisted, pedal railbikes provide a comfortable trip out of the canyon, across the V&T Railway highway bridge to an additional historic site, the Halfway House Stage Stop. Here you will enjoy a water and a complimentary snack. This one-of-a-kind tour is 70 – 90 minutes and is for all ages over 4. Passengers must be able to pedal for an extended time.

Blue Ridge, Georgia

Start an exciting journey through Blue Ridge, Ga. aboard our Freedom Railbikes. Leave the depot in historic downtown Blue Ridge and begin a 6 mile round-trip adventure by creeks, ponds, vineyards, gorgeous mountain homes and cabins and a covered bridge through tall Georgia pines. Halfway through your trip, you’ll stop to take in the scenic views and rest before returning to your journey. Keep your eyes and camera ready for wildlife during this incredibly scenic hour and half adventure. Riders should be 4 and up, able to reach the pedals and able to pedal for an extended time.